Yoke Book I of The Bound Trilogy

Christian Books, Romance, Young Adult

By E.M. Ragland

Publisher : Createspace

Yoke Book I of The Bound Trilogy

ABOUT E.M. Ragland

E.M. Ragland
Though originally from New Jersey, E.M. Ragland currently resides in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA. She loves books of every genre, particularly young adult fiction, independent films, the company of good friends, and a good meal, preferably prepared by someone other than herself, above all o More...



As far as Sophie Morgan is concerned, nothing sets her apart from other people her age, except maybe her quick temper. But when a car accident claims the life of her mother on Christmas night, Sophie comes face to face with her angelic father and learns her existence is anything but ordinary. As Sophie adjusts to her new life in California with her Aunt Celeste, she is thrust into a world of music, angels, and unearthly vengeance. And she is not alone; misunderstood classmate and local musician Joseph McCafferty is tortured by his own demons. Sophie and Joseph begin a strained friendship that develops into an unshakable, possibly forbidden love that marks the first step along a pre-destined journey in which Sophie must choose between her love for Joseph, her place in Heaven or Hell, and the fate of humanity. 

How I set out to achieve the above storyline was an exciting and educational experience. I began with a a few key stories from the Book of Genesis and Revelations. Then I combined the common knowledge of these stories with alternate versions found in an ancient, now banned, biblical text, the Book of Enoch, previously considered one of the most important books of the Bible. The alternate versions of the these biblical stories aligned themselves perfectly for a present day urban fantasy certain to contort the minds of readers of all ages. I laced it up with teenage interests such as love, music, friendship, and independence; then I tweaked it all a bit more to add my own twist, shifting gender roles, adding motives, a few fantastical characters and a divine blue print, and ended up with a storyline unlike any on the market.

It is rare when an author manages to take a popular topic and twist it into something new, original, and fresh. E.M. Ragland has accomplished just this in the novel YOKE. It transcends YA literature. This allegory blends fiction and nonfiction into one, unforgettable story that will make you look at yourself and the world differently. It is beautifully and delicately written. The characters come alive in this novel of substance. I am anxiously looking forward to the next book in the Bound Series.

I was intrigued by the subject matter of YOKE as opposed to the books about vampires and werewolves that pack the shelves of book stores these days. YOKE opened up a whole new world of fascinating beings that I had never heard of before. There is a tremendous love story here and you can't help being terrified that the forces that conspire against them may prove too much to overcome. This is a battle between good and evil of the most epic proportions involving the most unlikely of heroes. It's a page turner that you won't be able to put down.

YOKE is a smart and gripping debut. If you like the TWILIGHT and FALLEN series, you will love this fast-paced read! I found myself obsessing about Ragland's modern re-telling of history, prophecy, and divination the way a teenager obsesses about a first love. The apocalyptic division among angels and men is compelling and well-researched, and the romance between Sophie and Joseph is natural and honest. The end of the world never felt so truly imminent. A must-read for women and teens!