Red Mojo Mama

Romance, General Fiction

By Kathy Hall

Publisher : KLH Press

Red Mojo Mama

ABOUT Kathy Hall

Kathy Hall
I'm a former newspaper editor and journalist, now author - novels, short stories and essays - and a happy blogger, professional and otherwise. A woman on my own, I have two wonderful grown children and a very full life. Adventure and change are wonderful words to me and I'm a true Jill-of- More...



     After three years of mourning for her husband, normally audacious Lydia “Red” Talbot has lost her mojo, but it seems that’s about to change. She’s inherited a valuable mobile home park in the Gold Country of California, filled with a cast of eccentric characters, which she intends to sell and use the proceeds to take a world cruise. A hot handyman, a sizzling story in the rapidly growing town of Nuggetville and the appearance of her husband’s ghost (who has decided to hang around awhile as he searches for his next life), all put a kink in her plans. 

      While Lydia waits for her fortune to materialize, she takes a part-time job as a reporter. Fancying herself the community newspaper equivalent of Christiane Amanpour , Lydia uncovers some shady doings by the City Council and a slick land developer. Citizens are bullied and her life is threatened, as she struggles to both expose the crooks and stay emotionally independent of the community of crazies she has been left by her beloved Aunt Esther.

      Lydia is a spunky, smart-alecky thirty-something with more heart than she’d like others to see. She’s absolutely fearless and too honest for her own good sometimes. She’s also torn between love for her dead husband, Mac, and the new man in her life, Joe - handyman and chef.

Much of this story comes straight out of my life. I'm a widow, who lives in a trailer park and has been a newspaper reporter. It feels real because much of it is real.

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