Planet Love: The End of the World as We knew It

ABOUT John Rullo

John Rullo
A graduate of Queens College with a degree in communication arts and a minor in creative writing, John Rullo has spent the last forty years composing and performing songs in rock bands in the New York Metropolitan area. Retired from his day job, he now writes his unique blend of irreverent More...



“Simply put, Planet Love (The End of the World as We Knew It), is a deeply moving book about a retired UPS driver who still plays rock ‘n roll and who has a life-changing encounter with extraterrestrial forces. But it’s much much more than that. Planet Love is the autobiography of the author, John Rullo, woven into a novel with the taut thread of self-inquiry which has him questioning religion, his familial relationships—particularly his life-long marriage—his life choices and the future of mankind.

   Born and raised in Queens, New York, Rullo moves to Long Island as a young father. He trades his ambition to be a rock star for the stable middle-class life of a driver for UPS. He continues to play music as time affords, raises his kids and retires while he’s still young enough to enjoy it. And then, one night, headed out to the parking lot of a bar where his band has a regular gig, he runs into something—the extraterrestrials—and is briefly shown glimpses of the world at crucial moments: from the beauty of creation to the horrors of war.  

   The visitation changes his life. Who we are, who John Rullo is, and what the future of mankind might become, are vital questions for which he has no answers. Why was he picked by the aliens to be shown those things? Did it even really happen? And to whom can he talk about it all without appearing to have gone crazy?  

   I’m not going to be a spoiler and say more than that. I am going to tell you that this is a wonderful story; one you will not be able to put down once you begin reading.” 

--Peter Gorman, Journalist, author of Ayahuasca in My Blood: 25 Years of Medicine Dreaming


As the world seems to be turning apocalyptic, John Rullo experiences an inexplicable encounter with a supernatural entity that overwhelms him and turns his life inside out. Just when he thinks he has seen the full picture, a string of events unfold that leads to both the end of the world as he knew it and his role in Earth’s rebirth. Based upon real life events, Planet Love’s story of hope, intrigue and mystery speaks to our everlasting search for the ground of our being and our unity with all life.

BE FOREWARNED! Planet Love by John Rullo takes you on a journey from which you will not wish to return. This highly inspirational novel reads like a memoir and curiously, by the end, the reader is left with the feeling that every detail is the God's honest Truth. The protagonist is John himself, a regular guy,an "Everyman," retired, married with 2 children, who has played in a rock and roll band most of his life. One freezing cold night, after a gig, John has a split second encounter with a UFO. As a result of this "visitation," he experiences illuminations and metaphysical epiphanies that blow his and the reader's mind!! This book is deeply spiritual and simply profound. It left me believing that enlightenment is possible for everyone, not just holy sages who meditate on top of mountains. It left me believing Utopia is possible. It left me yearning for the place John takes us...back to the Garden!

If you have ever wondered whether there may be more to the miracle of human life on this planet than what you can now observe, you need to read Planet Love.

Gripping, Suspenseful, Intelligent .... a fantastic tale of hope and love .... I couldn't put it down! Rullo invites us, nay, COMPELS us to open our hearts and go for a ride ..... and what a ride it is!!! Be assured, you will love this book .... ENJOY!!!!