Buford's Tall Tales

Outdoors & Nature, Humor

By Cliff Kimble

Publisher : Front Row Press

ABOUT Cliff Kimble

Cliff Kimble
Cliff “Buford” Kimble, born November 29, 1946 in Kalamazoo, Michigan, grew up in Plainwell, Michigan, Gunplains Township. Graduating from Plainwell High School in 1964, he lived in the Plainwell area until 1971. Leaving Michigan with only the nickname “Buford,” he traveled west and More...



A born storyteller, Clifford Kimble's book, Buford's Tall Tales, will sets the tone for the telling of his adventurous life. From the unique characters, laugh-out-loud tales, and irreverent life lessons you'll be sniggering through the whole book. Growing up in Michigan in the 1950s, he spent most of his time learning about the outdoors through his hunting and fishing. Cliff, and his life-long friend Harry, spent hours along the rivers and in the woods cooking up all sorts of outrageous exploits. Then moving west in the 19070s his adventure continues, meeting new cohorts and ramping up his passion for good times, intensely funny escapades, and tall tales that will leave you shaking with laughter.
“As you’re about to find out Cliff (AKA Buford) Kimble is a born storyteller. The only thing better than reading the stories in this book is listening to Cliff tell them in person.”

            — Bud Bilanich, Author of “Success Tweets”


“Buford’s Tall Tales is a poignant, sometimes irreverent, look at living and hunting in America. It captivates and entertains; it enlightens and instructs. It is simply a funny, realistic, relevant look at people.”

            — Terry Kimble, College Literature/Composition Instructor