The 24 Hour Turnaround

ABOUT Jeffrey Davis

Jeffrey Davis
Jeffrey S. Davis is Founder and Chairman of Mage LLC, a leading management consulting firm that has worked with over 700 entrepreneurial companies and leaders.  A nationally and internationally sought-after speaker, Davis is regularly called upon by the media as a resource on managing th More...



Small businesses power America. Defined as firms with fewer than 500 employees, they provide jobs for more than half of our private workforce and represent 99.7 percent of all businesses in the United States. So in our uncertain economic climate, 'The 24-Hour Turnaround', with its focus on small business success in a turbulent economy, fulfills a pressing need.

The authors, Jeffrey S. Davis and Mark Cohen, are uniquely qualified to write this book--a compilation of case studies highlighting entrepreneurial styles, innovations and triumphs. Since 1985, their consulting company, Mage LLC, has guided over 700 small businesses and organizations on issues ranging from marketing and sales to organizational and transitional issues. This book pinpoints the most common situations Mage LLC has encountered with entrepreneurs and owners of private companies. The case studies, based on the authors' extensive experience with individual entrepreneurs and their organizations, highlight means and methods by which business leaders can achieve their visions and goals, regardless of the nature of the market or the economy.

'The 24-Hour Turnaround' focuses on leadership, attitudes, strategies and tactics. It enables entrepreneurs to turn a keen analytical eye on their business trajectories and their own leadership styles. It demonstrates the benefits of change, and teaches entrepreneurs how to go about making real change that creates business stability, growth and success. It narrates outlines and situations that entrepreneurs can immediately relate to and offers models for making quick and concrete modifications, remaining open to new ideas while still honoring tradition and company history.

Designed as a practical and easy-to-read guide, 'The 24-Hour Turnaround' enlightens and empowers the small business leader or entrepreneur who wishes to steer a business to success, all within the challenges of a shifting, uncertain economy.

The 24-Hour Turnaround Table of Contents Ch 1 - Introduction to the 24-Hour Principles Ch 2: When You Are Driven to Be the Best: Jerry Hyman Ch 3: Turning Adversity into Competitive Advantage: Karen Bressler Ch 4: From Humble Beginnings too a Market Leader: Richard Cohen Ch 5: Driven by Diligence, Loyalty and Rewarding Excellence: Ken Ferry Ch 6: From Star Struck to Entrepreneurial Star: Joel Rabinowitz Ch 7: Using A Higher Purpose To Create Greatness: Russell Robinson Ch 8: Road to Success in 24 Hours