Forbidden Love

General Fiction, Mystery & Thrillers, Romance

By MIchelle Grogan

Publisher : Michelle Grogan

ABOUT MIchelle Grogan

MIchelle Grogan
By day I am a Literacy Specialist in a Special Education School. By night I am a self-published author. I currently live in Westchester County, New York and live with my fiance next to the town where we both grew up.



            Forbidden Love is the story of Jessica Alvarez, a young woman determined to take control of her life from a father who spent who has protected her and shielded her from the dangerous world he inhabits. It’s about Jake Rousseau, a man who does what he does out of loyalty; a man who isn’t ready to give his heart to another woman after losig the one he thought he would spend the rest of his life with. It is about Luis Alvarez, a father intent on keeping his daughter safe at all costs - even if she hates him for it. It is the story of a man willing to do anything it takes to wrest a small town from the clutches of organized crime.

            In this modern play on William Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet, one young woman will be forced into a tug of war between the man she loves, the father who wants to protect her, and the man who will do anything - anything - to get what he wants . . . no matter the consequences. But in the end, will she succumb, much like her Shakesperean counterpart, to the ravages of two warring families, or will she rise above it all in order to have the life and love she wants?

My inspiration comes from the world around me and the people in my life. The encouragement I have received from my loved one has culminated in this book and I will forever be grateful for the support they have given me.

This was recomended to me by a woman I went to School with. It seems she knows the author! All that aside, the story was definately a twist on the traditional Mob story. I love any story about star-crossed lovers (even the origional)! At times, it was easy to predict, but there was enough here to keep you wondering if your assumptions are correct. Certainly worth the read.