Evangeline's Miracle

General Fiction, Mystery & Thrillers, Romance

By Lisa Buie-Collard

Publisher : D'Oc Publishing, LLC

ABOUT Lisa Buie-Collard

Lisa Buie-Collard
I’m a writer, mother, wife, sister, and daughter, have waited tables, been a dental assistant, teacher, journalist, gardener and architectural administrative assistant. I’ve traveled speak French and English fluently, grew up in Florida. I’ve lived twice now in Georgia with an eigh More...


Evangeline didn’t know she was looking/waiting for a miracle, until one found her...


In 1877 Lady Miracle Sobieski dies a sad, broken-hearted aristocrat. Yet her restless spirit reaches through time to a particular young woman to try and avert a mysterious legacy of tragedy. In 2007 Evangeline Lacroix loves her husband to distraction. But her unspoken fears strain their three-year marriage to the breaking point. As her life falls apart, Evie finds herself compelled to solve the 100 year-old mystery. Elusive and sometimes dangerous clues entangle her in an intricate web of deceit and tragedy that threatens everything she’s ever known. As time runs out, she discovers a connection between herself and the haunted ghost. Will Evie ignore her life-long fears and listen to the past? Will she save Miracle, and in so doing save herself, before tragedy strikes again?

Janko and Miracle's part of this story came to me during a piano concert as if it were given to me and not of my own making. The rest came through life experiences and research. I hope you find the story intriguing and helpful in your own life. After you have read Evangeline's story, please write to let me know if you have any questions or stories of your own to share.

"Evangeline’s Miracle is an interesting take on the mystery of time and the power of family connections!" Author Lyn Stone


"This is a fabulous Book. Could not put it down & once I was finished, I found myself wanting more of the story line & characters. Highly Recommend Reading It!!" Jessie - Amazon reviews