Lost Evidents

Lost Evidents

ABOUT Dan Picone

Dan Picone
Chicagoan Dan Picone is a poet at heart, but you wouldn't know it from his rough exterior. Yet he exemplifies the true spirit of poetry, i.e., his words express his truly free spirit. Dan's first book of collected poems, Lost Evidents, reveals both a demonstration and longing for freedom,  More...



Author Dan Picone has amassed a collection of poems that will instantly take you someplace in time between the Medieval ages and the modern century. His words are infused with a blend of the old, which provides eloquence, but is sprinkled with a sense of tragedy and cynicism that could only come from somebody who lives in the world today. Dan, who is a working class everyday kind of guy, decided to let out what he can't let out around his pals and peers. The book of poems is a story of betrayal, redemption, loss, angels, demons, and love. Honestly, Sakura is proud to put this book into your hands, as it isn't everyday that people even care to read poetry or perhaps find it relevant anymore. The difference with Dan's book is that we couldn't stop reading it and have even gone so far as to frame his poems on the walls of our office. It's a truly incredible debut book and I am sure a reminder of the many things coming our way from this up and coming poet. Pick a copy up and prepare to find yourself in every stanza. 130 pages, rated for teens to adults, class: poetry.