Come, Time

Mystery & Thrillers

By Richard Jenkins

Publisher : Weston Books

ABOUT Richard Jenkins

Richard Jenkins
I am the author of the thriller Come, Time


Samuel Dean lives an isolated, peaceful existence; he is alone and happy to be so. The remote coastal area of England where he lives provides all he needs to survive. His daily routine is to hunt, forage and poach. Someone, however, is stalking him.

One night, two officers from Special Branch pay him a visit and ask for his help. They claim two men, extremists in the Animal Liberation Movement, will soon visit a woman who lives in a near-by cottage. All Sam has to do is watch the cottage and inform Special Branch when the men arrive.

He agrees to help, not for profit or for patriotic zeal, but because he suspects they have told him a lie. Soon, his isolated existence is smashed into a world of murder, terrorism and international conspiracy.

Fleeing his own guilt, he is propelled out of his solitude and on to a trail that takes him to London, Paris, Malta and then to Africa, where he uncovers a sinister group of the world’s elite, who together conspire a dark future for all those beneath them.

Only by mimicking their twisted, ruthless logic can Sam hope to contain them.

An interesting and thrilling read. The writing is sharp and the plot moves swiftly along. There are several twists that impacted on me well. Really rather good.  An Amazon review.

Wow. I loved reading this. A pacey, intriguing read. Brutal in parts, shattering in fact. With some heart-breaking, gut wrenching scenes coming close to the end. Give me more.  An Amazon review.