Amderesta The 3rd Republic

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Daniel Zazitski

Publisher : Createspace

Amderesta The 3rd Republic

ABOUT Daniel Zazitski

Daniel Zazitski
I am a science author who is writing on ongoing series of novels, five I have currently published and four others I'm currently in the process of wriiting.



In the first book of the Amderesta The 3rd/4th Republic series, the Third Amderestan Republic reunites the Amderesta Galaxy in decisive war against the Amderestan Army Republic. Years later, Jonathan Lencon uncovers a plot by the Blackanians to instigate a genocide of the Yenturians and the Blackanian Federation orgainizes a proxy army to fight the Amderestans.

I began writing this book around four or five years ago at my local coffee shop which expanded to a series of nine books with more in the works.