That Guy The ABC's of EnterPrize Personalities

ABOUT Pia Bertone-Gross

Pia Bertone-Gross
With professional experience ranging from lemonade stands to corporate management and everything in between, co-authors Pia Bertone-Gross and Matt Rossini share a diverse level of experiences that have equipped them to describe the truly notable personalities of the workplace. Unlike s More...


Not JUST your average business book...
Not JUST a funny read...
Not JUST complaining about difficult people...
Not JUST the best unique gift for anyone from a young graduate to a seasoned professional...

It's everything you ever wanted: A witty solution-driven, easy read, centered around 26 quirky characters, described with 26 unique adjectives.

Upon the conclusion of a very pivotal business meeting, the age old question was asked-- What did you think of that guy? That Guy: The ABC's of EnterPrize Personalities is an in-your-face communications guide to dealing with "that guy" at work. Featuring eye-popping imagery and a blunt personality, it's sure to engage and evoke emotion out of even the shortest attention spans. With a familiar ABC's format and frame-by-frame methodology, the use of 26 distinct adjectives are drawn on to attach the word to that guy, forcing us to stop, reflect, and address how to properly handle the unique characters of this world and to prevent them from ruining our day... or our business!

In order to achieve a blueprint for success, That Guy is formatted by providing:
Clear Definition
First Impressions
Lasting Impressions
Elements of Memory Recall and Recognition
Supportive Character Illustrations
Bulleted Identifiable Characteristics
Game Plan of Helpful Tips
Bite Size Content
Blunt Personality

Upon the conclusion of a very pivotal business meeting between a consultant and one of the co-authors’ corporate partnership group, the age old question was asked, “What did you think of that guy?” With a prompt response, he stated, “He seems pretty cocksure to me.” A look of utter bewilderment fell on the faces of those remaining in the room. One partner, with a questioning and confused tone, spoke up immediately and stuttered, “Cocksure?” Then, apparently thinking it was a fictional term, followed up by asking, “Is that even a word?” A brief Google session revealed that the word indicates “perfect assurance, sometimes on inadequate grounds; marked by overconfidence or presumptuousness," and that the word is simply an extension of the abbreviated term we use today, cocky. Overwhelmed with laughter and enthusiasm, not only did the group realize that it was an actual word, but that cocksure captured, more precisely than any other word possibly could, the true essence of that guy. Here was a single word that could summarize that guy’s actions and behavior. Cocksure was the perfect fit, almost as good a fit as the stiffly starched dress shirt and designer suit that guy was sporting that afternoon. That interaction, along with many others along the way, sparked the idea to create a book revolving around the concept of attaching a key word to “that guy.” Oh, one key part must be included in this story. The business partners failed to act on this acute assessment of the cocksure individual. That guy ended up taking them for a magnificent ride of chaos and turmoil. So, proper identification is only the beginning. It’s the actions we take to deal with such people in the business world that will determine how that guy impacts our everyday professional careers and personal lives.

"Pia and Matt have written a brilliant guidebook to help identify the clowns in the circus.  Sometimes the best performances are enhanced by popcorn and cotton scroll up the pages and dig in!”

-Pete Janke, Business Consultant and Board Advisor


“That Guy is a very funny creation, full of pedantic vocabulary and topped with just the right amount of witty sarcasm.  Butbeware, guys, you might see your own reflection somewhere in its pages."

- Prof. Michael L. Barretti, Director, Executive Education

Sawyer Business School, Suffolk University, Boston


“The more I read, the more I liked! You and Matt are incredibly imaginative. How'd you uncover all of these real guys?! I've met every one of them at one time or another, but you've managed to bring them all together - in one virtual place - a sort of That Guy reunion. I loved it.

I can hear the folks in the office now:  people referring to their coworkers as Quinn or Pierre or Yale - references to their That Guy doppelgängers!

The "First Impression" part:  spot on. "Lasting Impression":  really nails That Guy every time. Convinces me I know these guys (and gals - can't wait for That Girl). My favorite is the * lists. When I got to the end of the book, I realized my face was hurting - from the non-stop smiling! Seriously.

The sketches were awesome:  Mike's Pinocchio, Xavior's puppy, all of them. But you'll have to explain Ron's lava lamp - that one is over my head (even though I used to have one!).”

-Joe Massery, Principal at Berkshire Technology Management