ABOUT Sarah Ako Myers

Sarah Ako Myers
I am a Canadian Author based in Gatineau, Québec. A married mother of two girls, I love with passion, work with passion, nurture with passion, protect with passion, forgive with ease and move at the speed of light. For the past twelve years, I have held various administrative positions in More...


This utterly mesmerizing thriller features ten sensational stories that will captivate you and propel you into the lives of Laura, the young gorgeous seductress, who met the man of her dreams in a chance encounter, or did she? In a tasteful psycho thriller, Martha seemed to have bitten off more than she could possibly chew! Our compelling family drama will tug at your heartstrings, as you read about how a man self-destructs for want of courage. The free-spirited and charismatic Vicky’s ordeal gives a new meaning to the phrase “catch me if you can!” and a pair of kids from dysfunctional families reaffirm beyond reasonable doubt that you cannot discount anyone until they draw their last breath. As you will undoubtedly discover in the next stories, life is indeed full of extreme trials and tribulations, interesting possibilities, irresistible charms, whirlwind romances and deception in all shapes, forms and sizes, all nicely wrapped in a package the size of a shoebox!

Enjoy! Sarah Ako Myers
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