Feathered Serpents

ABOUT Carolyn McDaniel Griffiths

Carolyn McDaniel Griffiths



An alien race once taught the ancient civilizations to master the secrets of time.  With this secret knowledge, they were able to create a standard of time with a calendar that would measure so precisely, that even modern day scientists agree is unrivaled.  With that calendar, it was predicted that our civilization would be hurled into a realm of uncertainty, a time of “no time”.   

That day is:  December 21, 2012.

Be prepared for the ride of your life..... as we embark on an incredible journey through catacombs of the past, present and future, binding us ever closer to those mysterious lives that came before us. 

 “Oh how blind we have been to arrogantly live; yet not give a care, to even be aware”.

 It has been said that “a society without a past, has no future”.                                                              

The words have been spoken.  The warnings have been given.

For the sake of us all...

...let’s hope they were wrong.