It Happens

Biographies & Memoirs

By John Trubon

Publisher : Strategic Book Group

ABOUT John Trubon

John Trubon
I am a semi retired engineer who has lived and worked on four continents.
I have written many techinical articles and edited papers for university professors to get them published.
I enjoy writing but prefer to write about things I know. This story is based on fact and is virtual More...



This book was originally intended to help others who might recognize the negative situations in their own lives and possibly avoid some of the miseries I endured.
The successes were great and the rewards high but everything was eventually lost in a fraudulent divorce and to a so called helping friend who took advantage and also defrauded.  
People find this a fascinating story of an Englishman who travelled a lot.In his youth during WWll his experiences shaped his perspective, forcing him to grow up quickly and robbing him of his childhood. In the ensuing years he moves about the globe, traversing a mix of triumphs and disappointments, all recounted with honesty and verve. He finally finds peace and satisfaction when he ends his journey with his fourth wife. The eventual satisfying resolution leaves readers with a deep lasting impression.

An Englishman born just after the Great Depression has the misfortune to grow up in the normal state of poverty for that time as the world goes into the Second World War. These experiences shape his perspective as he survives the war and a very disrupted education then soon afterwards is conscripted into the RAF. after a short stint of working down a Coal Mine as directed labor. His experiences in the service were a mixture of farce and folly. He was sent to Germany by the RAF and returned later as a civilian to work with the Americans. He has a mixture of careers, travells extensively, survives three bad marriages, makes a fortune and is robbed in the final Divorce by fraudulent documents and what he had left was taken by a so called friend who also defrauded him. The subject is however a survivor and does finally find some peace.