Girls of Gabe's Place 1: Brandy

ABOUT Misty Reigenborn

Misty Reigenborn
Misty Reigenborn is the author of ten current titles:  romance novels A Twist of Fate, Crestview Academy: Tory, Crestview Academy: Molli, Girls of Gabe's Place 1: Brandy, and Girls of Gabe's Place 2: Jessica, erotic romance short story collection This Song Reminds Me of You, poetry coll More...



Brandylynn is a 20 year old with a coke habit whose boyfriend has just walked out on her when she applies for a job at local bar Gabe's Place.
Gabe is the 24 year old owner of Gabe's Place who has an unloving wife and a penchant for beautiful young women. He promised Brandy the world and planned on giving it to her.
But when Brandy tires of Gabe's pretty words and sexual appetites, will her let her go so easily?