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By Regina Griffin

Publisher : Griffin Scott Publishing

ABOUT Regina Griffin

Regina Griffin
Regina Griffin is the author of “Ish - Getting the ‘Ish out in the Open,” and its spicy follow up, “ISHues – A Second Helping of Del’ishcious Ish.” Originally inspired by a stenciled phrase on a wall, Regina used her in your face personality and life’s follies to craft th More...



“ISHues” is the follow up book to the author’s smash conversation igniter, “Ish.” Inspired by pithy, memorable phrases she saw stenciled on the wall of a department store and her own life happenings,

Griffin began writing the collection of provoking sayings. Both books are filled with a pinch of dry wit, a dash of sarcasm and bundles of humor that will prove to be an enjoyable reading experience for all ages.

The book’s title begs the question, “What is ‘Ish?” The author defines ‘Ish as a random, eclectic statement

intended to provoke action or emotion - whether amusement, frustration, happiness or angst. ‘Ish can also be any wanton expression or point of view that creates a gust of thought.

From arguably, usable advice to satirical comments, humorous one-liners and simple nuggets of wisdom,

“ISHues - A Second Helping of Del’Ishcious ‘Ish,” has plenty of banter to dish. The book picks up at ‘Ish #161, sharing 145 more juicy statements like, ‘Ish #176, “Parting your lips softly during a job interview is not enough to camouflage your sterling silver tongue ring.” ‘Ish #263 cautions, “Liking (not loving) your spouse is the key to great love making.” Another that is sure to influence decision making is ‘Ish #285, “If your therapist is a chain smoker and has involuntary face twitches, switch seats.” Readers will ROTF, LOL, STH (shake their heads) and scream OMG as they gobble up this heaping, second helping of ‘ISHues.”

I was shopping one day and saw a stenciled phrase on the wall of a clothing store that read: “Don’t leave your house until your hair is right,” and “cross your legs knee over knee”. I instinctively thought to myself, I could write a crap load of thoughtful, provocative and humorous sayings like that. From that night, over the next 3-6 months, I began journaling phrases inspired by that wall and fueled by my life’s happenings.

Amazon Readers Rated 'Ish Vol I  *****5 out of 5 Stars

“The best book you will read this year!!!”
I love this book! It is a juicy, coed conversation piece that emotes a variety of feelings. Ladies will absolutely adore it! Guys, it is such an easy read, and will put you in the good graces of the ladies. 'Ish is truly worthy to be the selection of the month for any book club, coffee table display, bookshelf collectable or e-reader download. Wow, kudos to the author!

---A Newly Converted Ishaholic

*****5 out of 5 Stars “LOVED IT!!!”
Don't let the girly cover fool you. This book isn't just for the ladies but an excellent read for men too! A great conversation starter that's super funny yet thought provoking. It'll make you smile. It'll make you chuckle and it'll make you say, hmmm. It's an easy read and a great book club selection. Highly recommended!!!  'Ish #81 is one of my favs -"Pray...everyday...at least once."

*****5 out of 5 Stars “Tellin 'Ish like it is!”
Not since "The Book of Awesome," have I enjoyed reading something so entertaining, poignant & down right FUNNY! Author Regina Griffin, makes you Laugh Out Loud & reevaluate your actions - page after page. You find yourself quoting the quibs, as if they are the word of the day. Remember ‘Ish #19 “If your diet soda has zero calories, zero sugar &
zero fat, what the hell are you drinking?"