Christmas is About Jesus

ABOUT Mukkove Johnson

Mukkove Johnson
I have always enjoyed writing and journaling. Throughout school I wrote and edited for school papers and yearbooks. I wrote Christmas is About Jesus when my children were young to encourage their family celebrations to truly center on Jesus. Besides raising my own children I have worked wi More...


Many parents struggle with keeping their children focused on God during the Christmas season in a world that is not. Mukkove Johnson's Advent devotional, Christmas Is About Jesus, puts Christ into every symbol of Christmas, from candy canes to carols. Learn as a family with a different symbol every day from December first to Christmas Eve.

I wrote this book when my children were preschoolers and they still enjoy it now as they are all double digits. I began to think about traditions from my childhood and how they reflected or didn’t reflect what I wanted my children to know. I knew I could not keep my children from our culture, so I decided to influence what they would think when they encountered the culture.

"I adore it. It teaches things even I didn't know, yet presents it in a way my kids will understand and enjoy. I love the simple way it is organized; it will be so easy to use and apply this Christmas season. It meets to such a need, to bring families back to the reason and message of Jesus' birth, and in a unique, interesting and convenient way. I also love that you have a web reading [audio book] of it set up. What an awesome idea!"~Amanda

I love this book! Christmas is about Jesus is an excellent way to share the true meaning of Christmas with your children. There is a symbol for each day and a page to read with it that explains the meaning behind the symbol and how it relates to Christmas/Jesus. It's a great way to introduce the Christmas theme as a devotional that will help your child to hunger for Christ. Beautifully written!~Sherry Rossman - parent and author

Christmas is a time that is busy and bustling with so many activities it can be difficult to find time to focus on the real meaning of Christmas. If we do find a few minutes, it can be even more daunting to know where to begin teaching our children the life-changing truths about Jesus Christ's birth. Mukkove Johnson recognized this challenge and authored the children's book Christmas is About Jesus: An Advent Devotional as a tool to help meet this need.

I love this book. I love the idea behind the book and the purpose for the book. I think Mukkove did an excellent job putting together a resource to bring parents and children together each day during the month of December ... Read more ~Kristi Burchfiel, author of applicable Bible studies and devotionals

We love this book, and are happy to make reading it as a family a new tradition. Mukkove has done an amazing job tying in each popular symbol of Christmas with who Jesus is, and why Christmas is all about Him! You will not be disappointed with this purchase. The illustrations are adorable, and the writing is perfectly at my kid's levels. (Ages 2-9) Beautiful job!!!~Amanda