Just Tryin' To Be Loved

Gay & Lesbian

By Json M. Lee

Publisher : Foresight Publishing, LLC

Just Tryin' To Be Loved

ABOUT Json M. Lee

Json M. Lee
J'son M. Lee, though born in Brooklyn, New York, is essentially a North Carolinian.  He graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill earning a degree in Speech Communication with a concentration in Performance Studies.  Lee is 42 years old and resides in Baltimore, Mary More...



It has taken almost two years for Mark to put the pieces of his shattered life back together following a devastating breakup with his first love, Tony. Determined to never allow anyone to hurt him again, Mark becomes a recluse and throws himself into his career. Confronted with the demons of his past and a yearning to be loved, Mark soon finds his life spiraling out of control.


Charismatic real estate executive, Jared Muse, knows that Mark is still healing and is resigned to give him all the time and space he needs; that is, until Tony re-enters Mark's life with hopes of reconciling.


After a while of dating both gentlemen, Mark makes his decision.  Unfortunately, this is where his nightmare begins.  Hell also hath no fury like a MAN scorned…