60 Great Baby Food Recipes

60 Great Baby Food Recipes

ABOUT Roma Sharma

Roma Sharma
Roma is a software engineer by education and a chef by passion. After working for 6 years in the IT industry she turned a home maker. With two kids now she spends most of her time creating new dishes to excite them with. Besides cooking, she has hobbies like photography and blogging. She  More...



The book contains a set of 60 Indian Vegetarian recipes categorized based on the baby’s age. It takes you through the stages of the baby’s growth from 6 to 18 months. The recipes contain notes to help you get a good end result and nutritional value of the dish being prepared that will help you decide whats best for your baby.

The book also contains information on how to introduce solids to the baby - the age at which you can start nutritive food of the right texture for your baby. Tips have been provided on how to tackle a fussy eater and a baby who dislikes milk.

When Roma first had a baby she realized that baby food is a confusing subject. The type of food that can be fed to a baby at each stage of growth is something that needs to be checked every time something new is introduced. Her baby’s paediatrician was helpful in this regard. She would clarify doubts on ingredients permitted for the baby at each stage. She also had the good fortune of talking to her grandmother about the dishes she use to feed her kids. Her mother shared knowledge she had on medicinal and travel food.

What I liked about this is that it is not a recipe book alone. It walks you through the food that you can feed your baby as it grows. There was no neat book that told us what to feed when the kid starts teething, or when the kid has grown to be a toddler. It told us what to feed when the baby is cranky or acts fussy with food. This book helped us get exactly what we looking for. This contains all that we hear from the 'grammas' and a lot more. This book is a definite recommendation for all new parents who are keen to ensure that they give a variety of tasty but more so, healthy food to their kids.