Blue Truth: Bleed Through

ABOUT Pamela Moore Dionne

Pamela Moore Dionne
Pamela Moore Dionne’s award winning poetry, short fiction and nonfiction appears in a number of publications. She has been the recipient of an Artist Trust Grant, a Jackstraw Writers Award, and a Centrum residency. “Bleed Through” is her first published novel and the first book in th More...


What if ghosts do exist and you can prove it? Stella Moreland's judgmental, sarcastic mother has just moved in with her -- along with a man she says is Stella's father. As if this isn't bad enough, both these squatters are long dead. One of them was murdered thirty years ago. Combine this mystery with a number of recent deaths in Stella's family and you have a ghost story/murder mystery that'll make you question the things you’ve always believed impossible. Blue Truth is the funny, quirky first book in a trilogy that exploits wrinkles in the laws of physics, weaving them into a story that is part family redemption, part exploration of reality, part roller coaster ride.