Romance, Mystery & Thrillers, General Fiction

By Miranda Parker

Publisher : Kensington Publishing Corp


ABOUT Miranda Parker

Miranda Parker
Miranda Parker is the author of the Evangeline Crawford Bounty Hunter Series. After graduating from college, she began working as a features editor for various magazines and spent many years as a publicist for national recording artists, actors, ministers, and authors. However, writing fun More...


In the bestselling tradition of Janet Evanovich, Miranda Parker's debut novel, A Good Excuse To Be Bad, brilliantly blended mystery and humor, and introduced a beautiful, brainy, and tough-as-nails, single mom and bail recovery agent turned sleuth. In Parker’s second novel, Angel Crawford has a lot on her plate—but between crime-solving and kindergarten carpool, it’s all in a day’s work…


Angel Crawford appears to be on good terms with her family and on the cusp of a budding romance with her sidekick/pastor/crush, Justus Too-Hot-to-Be-Holy Morgan. But Angel still hasn’t solved a mystery that has haunted her for six years—her fiancé Gabriel’s murder. Then she receives a mysterious delivery on her doorstep that not only splits Gabe’s case wide open, but sends her on a chase through Atlanta’s secretive speakeasy society, the annual Running of the Brides, and a romp around the Okefenokee Swamp with a hot U.S. Marshall.

Will Angel find the answers she seeks, or just unearth more danger?

In this sequel to A GOOD EXCUSE TO BE BAD I didn't want to write the typical Book 2. I wanted a story that could stand alone, that readers didn't have to go back and read AGETB to get what was going on, and I wanted to Angel's world without pigeonholing her into something predictable. When I was writing SOMEONE BAD and SOMETHING BLUE NBC had a new action show running during prime time called CHASE. It was about a U.S. Marshal who had to bring in hard to get federal criminals. The premise was interesting and the exhaustion was fine. The hook was that the marshal was a woman, who had issues. No surprise there. Angel has issues. However, the challenge with the television series was that every week I watched her run after convicts. After episode three I gave up the chase. The series was ultimately cancelled. I took note of the shows end, as I worked on the story arc for the series. And reworked it. Each book will have a different suspense thread. Angel won't be hunting down FTA and skips every book. She will look for whoever she needs to look for that's important to her life. In SOMEONE BAD and SOMETHING BLUE she joins the U.S. Marshals to find a bootlegger and hired hit man, because her girlfriend and her girlfriend's daughter's lives are in danger. Now because she's Angel she's going to need her Atlanta socialite mother, Virginia, her twin the bishop's wife Ava, her young and wild sister Whitney, her mentor and contractor Big Tiger, and of course a man who won't stop chasing her no matter how hard she tries, Justus Too Hot To Be Holy Morgan. That won't change. So invite you to join us on the next manhunt! Miranda P