Science Fiction & Fantasy, Young Adult

By Philip Gilliver

Publisher : Philip Gilliver


ABOUT Philip Gilliver

Philip Gilliver
I studied Literature with Media at the North East Wales Institute (now Glyndwr University) in Wrexham in North Wales where I live and they gave me a lovely degree in 2000. I am married to a mental health nurse and have a son with autistic spectrum dissorder. I work at Coleg Lal (Yale Colle More...


Meet Leon Black, a teenager with a deadly mind power and plenty of time to kill!
 Leon Black is a good boy. He loves his mother, greives for his father and records his observations about nature in a dictaphone and on a note pad. He studies hard and wants to be a wildlife presenter like his hero David Attenborough. But he soon learns that life can be painful and cruel. Born with the Projector in his head he struggles to decide what is natural about him, especially when it can determine whether a person lives or dies. When he moves in with his mother's new boyfreind and his massochistic son things stir inside him and the truth about him and his mysterious past begins to surface.

Exploring the themes of nature and bullying Projector taps into the personal insecurities that we have. If you were ever bullied or have ever been bullied then it is a foregone conclusion that you have played out scenes in your head of things you wish you could have done if you only had the power. Leon Black is the physical embodiment of all of those feelings.

Praise for Projector: "Dear Philip,
‘Projector’ redefines the dark superhero / antihero genre. But, hang on. That’s still an understatement. The story is not only well conceived and beautifully written, but every word of it bears testimony to the author’s intelligence and the careful thought that he has put into every sequence. I read it till chapter 8 and it was one of my smoothest reads yet. I was swept along by the powerful but easy narrative. At the end, I was only reminded of two of my favourite quotes from this genre: ‘It’s not who you are but what you do that defines you.’ (Batman Begins) and ‘You always have a choice.’ (Hellboy, I think).
6-starred and backed with pleasure.