The Angels' Cut

Romance, Mystery & Thrillers, General Fiction

By Mac Logan

Publisher : càr-aingeal (guardian angel) imprint of LODC

ABOUT Mac Logan

Mac Logan
A ‘son of the manse’ I lived in North America as a child; in Canada, the Mid-west and ultimately Washington DC before returning to the UK. I am British and Scottish and have a strong affinity for Americans.
After a somewhat spotty school career, I did various jobs including time a More...



They take his sister, attack his family, and want him dead What’s a guy to do?



Bizz is a greedy collusion of organised crime, banking, government, business, politicians and corrupted spooks. They’re making lot’s of money. They aim to stay invisible (sound familiar?), and no one gets in their way.

Sam Duncan just got in their way, and he doesn’t know it.

The Gist

Eilidh Duncan discovers Bizzit’s only a matter of time
Bizz takes Eilidhuhh-ohh!
Sam Duncan finds she’s missing … he starts looking
Sam joins the dots … KABOOM!

Family love and loyalty in the face of daunting odds.

Carole (email)
Your book arrived on Friday lunch time,  got home at 5.30 cooked a meal did a few chores - not many - by 8pm I was totally engrossed in your book. Finished it at  0-45hrs Sunday morning. ... Thoroughly enjoyed to whole thing, swearing was appropriate and revelant to each character and situation.  I  felt  the strong and loving bond between husband and wife. Absolutely loved the twists and turns  I also felt that there was an element of truth within the story...............either yours or a good friends personal experience.  If not then all I can say is keep writing...... 
Douglas Mitchell
What a read, really enjoyed the book, thought it was terrific. Magnificent detail, the short chapters worked very well and spurred you on, and the characters were superb. One question, I assume there's a follow on ...
thoroughly enjoyed the book. can't wait for the 2nd
Has all the marks of being a winner, Mac!
Great - looking good!
A fine first novel from Mac Logan. I suspect this has been a long time in the making with great, well thought out and believable characters, considerable tension, family love, as well as a good of dose of conspiracy. I look forward to the continuing story of Sam Duncan, his family and cohorts as the story unravels in the next episode.
The Angels' Share by Mac Logan is a crackingly good read. It is a fast moving action thriller - with a sympathetic and original hero in Sam Duncan - and ex Soldier, Spook and now Kirk of Scotland Minister. When his kid sister, an investigative journalist is kidnapped after discovering a web of corruption in high places, Sam goes to the rescue. Incidentally - you can also read the back story in The Fumble - also available.
At first glance, this is a boy's book - with an all action hero - but Mac Logan has created such great characters throughout the book and has woven such an intricate and very plausible plot into this fairly hefty book and has come up with a book that is so much more than just an action thriller. Not for the faint hearted, or easily shocked, it contains moderate violence which is never gratuitous and also a fair smattering fairly explicit language.
A fairly hefty book at 80,000 words - a perfect holiday read - will keep you (and your other half) enthralled!
I really enjoyed The Angels' Share and look forward to more Sam Duncan novels in the future.