Sunshine I'll Make You Smile!

Children's Books

By Linda Hales

Publisher : CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (March 20, 2012)

Sunshine I'll Make You Smile!

ABOUT Linda Hales

Linda Hales
Author of 2 childrens books: Sunshine I'll Make You Smile! Andy-Roo The Birthday Surprise!



Sunshine is a dear little blond girl whose sole mission in life is to make sad people happy. She lives on a hilltop and interacts in strong and positive ways with characters and situations she encounters on the hillside. 

Writing children’s short stories has always been a hobby for me. Ideas would emerge from real life experiences and sometimes, from a child with endearing character traits. Mostly though, my inspiration came from my precious daughter, Tammy, who possessed the most precocious, yet charming and unique sense of humor I have ever known. My memories of her childhood could keep me writing for eternity and so I have chosen to enter the wonderful world of children’s writing with the Sunshine series, reflective of Tammy’s infectious smile. Most recently, I have introduced Andy-Roo, a new character series aimed at bringing enjoyment and a strong social message for the young child. If I can bring smiles to little faces with my writing, then I consider my contribution to their world to be a resounding success.