The King Sword

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Chris Scott

Publisher : Publish Nation

ABOUT Chris Scott

Chris Scott
I have been writing in various forms since the age of 14. As a trained actor, much of my writing has been for the theatre. I have had a number of plays performed in the Kent One Act Play festival and one of these, Blood Acre, reached the final and was performed at the Gulbenkian Theatre in More...


The main character of The King Sword is a boy of fourteen by the name of Doran. From his quiet life as a goatherd in the normally sleepy village of Oakvale, the boy gets swept up in a series of encounters and adventures that all lead to the ultimate task - the finding and recovery of the King Sword itself. His companions are led by Koval, the old scholar who teaches in the village where he has grown up. Gradually, the old man reveals the boy's heritage to him and they find themselves drawn into a series of events that pit them against the Sword Wraith who both needs and fears the boy in a strange, symbiotic relationship. On their journeys, the two meet other companions who will become important to their plans: Balgrim, the strange, loyal forest creature whose friendship becomes so important to the boy and Mennan, the woodsman whose help Koval needs if they are to succeed.

I have always been a fantasy fiction lover and faced on many occasions that bittersweet feeling as you neared the end of a tale you had really enjoyed. So I decided to create my own imaginary world where I could stay as long as I wanted to!

Source: Derek Harmer-Morris, professional proofreader.

"I think it is a fascinating, imaginative and compelling story. Your settings are well conveyed, your vocabulary apt, exact and, again, imaginative, with a real feel for atmosphere. I am not surprised that agents have expressed interest in it because it is streets ahead of 95% of the paperback rubbish that oozes relentlessly off the presses every week. This book is classy, almost classic and is probably bound to receive serious attention and to be read by serious people."


Source: The reader of Reading Room Associates Literary Agency (now ceased trading):

"Overview: This is a most unusual book. I would not normally choose this type of novel but I have to admit to being riveted (more likely spellbound in this context).

It is extremely well written, excellent descriptive text and enthralling. I was fascinated by the story as it began to unfold and could not really put it down. There was no problem in suspending my belief, the narrative was far too strong and compelling to make that an issue.

It was just enthralling; not my usual read but gave a fabulous sense of tension, a real page turner. Tremendous finish, I can't wait to read the sequel.

I am at a loss where to place this novel. Clive Barker's Weaveworld comes to mind but it would make a fabulous film script to follow "Harry Potter."

Chapter Analysis:

Preface: Normal chapter by chapter analysis is not appropriate for this book; you can only say the same thing so often.

Chap. 1: Well written, unusual, interesting, fascinating, good descriptions but moves with pace.

Chap. 2: Excellent, entralling, rattles along. 

Chap. 3: Very good writing keeps you involved.

Chap. 4: Beautiful descriptions, fascinating.

Chap. 5: Just enthralling: not my usual sort of read but excellent.

Chap. 6: Fabulous; it flows so well I can't put it down.

Chap. 8: So enthralled I missed the end of the last chapter!

Chap. 10: Again excellent, a real page turner.

Chaps. 11-16: As Chap. 10.

Chap. 17: Fabulous, tremendous tension.

Chap. 19: The "statue" introduced an unexpected and interesting twist.

Tremendous finish, left me wanting to read the sequel."