Erthyn Volume 1 The Uncertain Journey

ABOUT Terrance Pinckney

Terrance Pinckney
Accountant, MBA, Author



In the midst of a cold winter night, as he sat alone in an alley desperately trying to conserve body heat, Malcolm Watters was uncertain. He had arrived only a short time ago, intent on fulfilling the mission given to him by the high council; but due to unanticipated circumstances, he had become ambivalent. It was a good thing that he had discovered clothing when he did, because if he had not, the bitter cold would have destroyed his newly developed body. He had not anticipated becoming a man—heck, he had not anticipated the possibility of being human.

Though his outer being was made of flesh, his inner being—or Sige as they call it in the Collective Consciousness of the Ushara—was not of this world. He had been sent here from the opposite side of the universe as an ambassador, with the hope of forging an alliance with the beings of Earth. He could not have anticipated what would happen once he arrived. He was not supposed to interact with humankind so soon; but with his newly acquired form, he had little choice.

Opportunity or impediment, Malcolm could not decide which was more applicable to his transformation. Being human was no simple task. Chief among the myriad of complexities he would encounter as a human were love and fear. He did not understand the concept behind these emotional states nor the affect they would have on his Sige and physical body. With the addition of these newly discovered variables, Malcolm at times doubted he could complete his mission.

If it were not for her, Malcolm might not have survived. She was an integral part of his development, and for that he was eternally grateful. She eased his transition into humanity with her kindness and intelligence—and by allowing him to experience a human emotion very similar to the Collective Consciousness: Love. However, this would not be the only discovery that would alter his mission.

Soon after integrating into society, Malcolm noticed that humans were connected to the planet Earth. With the formation of flesh, he would soon come to realize that he too had become connected to the planet, but in a more powerful fashion—he to some extent had control over it. Within the power of his Sige lies the ability to command the Earth around him. What was intended to be a mission of peace and first contact yielded unexpected consequences, which would prove difficult to overcome for any human being. However, Malcolm Watters is not just any human being. He is a “man” of peace, but as he soon discovers, he is also a warrior, the likes of which the Earth has never seen.