Extraordinary Customer Service


JM Enage
J.M. “Chem” Enage has dedicated his career to achieving success in sales, marketing, customer service, information technology, and project management. J.M.’s guiding principle has always been to go the extra mile and beyond, and internal/external customers and service have been a maj More...


·         A  small business book with a big message on extraordinary service for small businesses and professionals. Here's a blueprint of growth that will transform you, your business and your customers. Create extraordinary customer experiences that win customers for life. It reveals tips on going the extra mile. A transformational book on loyalty marketing.

Sometimes the most ordinary events can have an extraordinary impact in one’s life. In my early teens I met a customer service lady from Japan named Kumiko. It was my very first extraordinary customer service experience I will forever treasure. To this day I am inspired to follow her ways in my day to day dealings. This book is a tribute to all customer service persons like her who epitomize her spirit of awesome service. She demonstrated to me my first lesson on customer service—going the extra mile. Let's celebrate these unsung heroes in this book. May this tribe increase and multiply. May "Extraordinary Customer Service" be more the rule than the exception.

"This book challenges you to take the path least travelled. It may be more difficult but the strategy is simple and the long term benefits simply outstanding"
-Raymond Aaron, New York Times Bestselling Author of Chicken Soup for the Parent's Soul