Hidden (Hidden Series Book One)

Hidden (Hidden Series Book One)

ABOUT M. Lathan

M. Lathan
Reader and writer of YA fiction.



All sixteen-year-old Leah Grant wants to do is make it through the day without burning anyone alive.

That's harder than it seems when you have to battle magical powers, the same powers that nearly ended the world. She is pretending to be human at a Catholic orphanage, and one wrong move could cause the death she escaped as an infant when the rest of her kind paid for their crimes.

But when her bullies provoke her to obey her nature and attempt her first murder, she is forced to abandon her disguise. With her face now plastered on every television channel and newspaper as a missing person, she settles into a new hideout that may be more dangerous than the last.

Behind every door, there could be love, dangerous enemies, or the key to her mysterious past that could reveal a power some would stop at nothing to control.
Word Count: 106,000. 
Book Two: Lost. Coming Soon.