Blood Brothers

General Fiction

By Author Makenzi

Publisher : VYSS

Blood Brothers

ABOUT Author Makenzi

Author Makenzi
My name is Makenzi I was born and raised in Cleveland,Ohio but currently live in Virginia Beach, Virginia. I'm an author of three fiction novels and a short story. I've been writing since 2004 and since the day I picked up a pen and paper, I haven't stopped. Writing is what I use to releas More...



Life in the fast lane can get you killed. Kory Banks learned this first hand after his best friend was murder with no arrest and no suspects. Kory knew leaving the street life behind was his only choice but the problem is he wasn't ready to begin the difficult and daunting process of ending his hustler lifestyle and everything that came along with it.

Will Kory make the right decision when he enters into an environment he really isn't ready for?