By Joanna Parypinski

Publisher : Damnation Books

ABOUT Joanna Parypinski

Joanna Parypinski
Joanna Parypinski is the author of the horror novel, PANDORA, as well as other short speculative fiction appearing in Arcane 2, Mistresses of the Macabre, First Time Dead 3, Cover of Darkness, and more. Her other pursuits involve playing the cello, blogging, and exploring her new home of  More...


There’s something in the basement of Maria’s new house—something dark and primeval that made the previous owner commit suicide. It has infected the town of Sickle Falls, giving its inhabitants nightmares of a dark, fanged spirit that thirsts for blood. When Maria finds a mysterious ivory box buried in the bowels of her house, she must unearth its secrets before whatever is inside escapes and destroys them all.
“Where is the next Poppy Z. Brite? Where is the next American writer of coherent and lucid horror fiction that doesn’t blink and doesn’t let up, even when you sort of wish it would? Where is our next guide to the places that are horrible and wonderful and not for the faint of heart? We may well have found her in Joanna Parypinski. There seems to be no matter too dark, and no dungeon too deep for her discerning narrative eye to plumb. She resorts to no gimmicks, and she uses no tricks. She will capture your attention, and she will earn it. With Pandora she has made a grand entrance. And she is just getting started.”
Scott Kenemore, bestselling author of Zombie, Ohio and Zombie, Illinois