The Book You Shouldn't Have Read: a Motivational / Inspirational Book

ABOUT Pheng Taing

Pheng Taing
I graduated with an Electrical Engineering Degree from Drexel University. After spending a few years in Engineering working at a nuclear power plant, I went into the family business selling shoes. Needing a way to keep my brain active, I decided to write a book and try to promote it while  More...



If you listen to the advice of this book, you shouldn't have read this book.  The Book You Shouldn't Have Read is a book meant to motivate and inspire you to get the things you want accomplished in your life through a series of goal setting techniques. Using the SMART system first introduced by George Doran and the author's own spin on SMART, this book uses examples of successful entrepreneurs to help drive the point home. Since you shouldn't have read this book in the first place, it is deliberately short and to the point so as to not waste your time reading.