My Friends Are Dead People (Volume 1)

ABOUT Tony Ortiz

Tony Ortiz
A student, writer, and artist.



Book 1 (5-book series) . . . "The scariest children's series I have ever read!" In a secret world that coexists with our human one, a selected few among the dead are given a second chance at life. But there’s a catch. They must become hideous monsters that can only live one day each year - the scariest one of them all. Whether by fate or chance, thirteen-year-old Jesse and his friend Katie are taken into this haunted community by two magical gravediggers to participate in a brutal game where monsters battle each other for glory. As the game comes to its violent end, a dangerous entity emerges from the darkness, one so evil it was denied entrance into Hell. When it starts annihilating an endangered Halloween species, Jesse and Katie are caught in the middle and have to survive the deadliest war in the history of both worlds. “I thought there was no more magic left in the world. I was wrong. 'My Friends are Dead People' is a fantasy gem - superbly constructed and full of wit, charm and mad, lovable characters.” -Joe Kovacs, Rupee Millionaires. “This has been by far the best Halloween novel I have read in a very long time.” -D.W. McD, Demon Untold. “This really took me by surprise! I can't say what I was expecting going into reading your book but it blew me away.” - M. Fleming, Into The Deep. “This book hits the teenage reading market spot square-on, and with style. It captures brilliantly the unique, egotistical and surreal world of a thirteen-year-old boy.” -Colin Neville, Limbo. “… one of the best children’s works I [can] recall.” -JD Revene, Appetites. “This is a great example of the spooky children's fiction that is growing in popularity.” -M. Priest, Our Fathers. Book 2 & 3 will be available very soon!