Reflections of Rosalyn

Christian Books, General Fiction, Romance

By Theresa Franklin

Publisher : Brighton Publishing

ABOUT Theresa Franklin

Theresa Franklin
I am a retired public school teacher and administrator now living my dream of being a published author.  I am wife, mother, and soon to be grandmother.



This book is a heartfelt look at Rosalyn’s life in transition, filled with reflections of her past. A past filled with heartache and pain, but also filled with joys and experiences that Rosalyn wouldn’t trade for the world. Recently widowed, she now must choose what decisions to make. All alone now, without the guiding hand of the man she cherished, she must face the challenges of the future while she examines her past, and wonders how she is going to make it through the rest of her life without the man she loved for so long. As she is looking forward, she must also look back to try and understand how she got to this point. She reminisces about her loveless childhood and difficult teen years. She also reflects on the incident that forced her to leave home in her most formidable teenage years and strike out on her own. The imminent scandal that influenced every decision she made after that date. She relives her struggles to make the love of her life proud of her, all the while knowing that she may never see him again. Although these memories are painful, they are essential to who she is today.


As an adolescent, daydreaming helped me escape an uncomfortable home. This story is taken from one of my escape-adventures. I hope you enjoy the story of a strong willed teenager who refused to be held back by circumstances.

This morning about 1:30 I finished the best book that I have read in a long time! I chose to read the PDF copy of it with my Adobe Reader XI. When I started reading it I had a difficult time keeping the times in the character's life straight in my mind. Then I noticed that there were these three little *** when the past or present was going to change in the book. I normally do not like stories that flash back and forth like this book does. I was really glad I chose to read this e-book by Theresa Franklin.


It is a heart warming book of love and honesty that I find a very important quality in any person. I found myself feeling like it was about the writers own life, that is just how good the writer is at telling this story.

I would recommend this book to anyone who really enjoys a true to life book about real life situations.

This is a book of laughter and tears. There were many times when I, as the reader like the author, had to stop and compose myself before I could continue reading. There were many times when I laughed aloud as her characters in the book interacted just like real life. The Assisted Living Facility where Rosie lived and worked while she was getting her education was so real to me. I have had residents at my place of employment talk just like some of hers did who lived there.

The love of God and her country was always a big part of the story line as it got more interesting as the story progressed. I am not going to tell the ending of the book because I would not want to spoil it for anyone who might want to enjoy this wonderful book.

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