The Demons of War are Persistent


AW Schade
@awschade Florida A Marine, Vet 1966/67, retired exec, author: "Looking for God within the Kingdom of Religious Confusion" [One man's mystical and educational journey to find the truth about God.] 

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Forty years have passed since my deployment as a combat Marine to Vietnam. However, only several years since I acknowledged my inability to continue suppressing the demons alone. Like many veterans, the “Demons” have haunted me through nightmares, altered personas, and hidden fears.

Even as many veterans manage the demons’ onslaught successfully, millions survive in destitution, needless solitude and social disconnection. Scores consider themselves cowards, should they concede to the demons’ hold. Countless live in denial and loneliness, protecting their warrior’s pride. The most vulnerable— tormented by guilt and feeling forever alone — too often choose to “end” their lives.

To help vets and families of all wars break the stigma of PTSD and seek assistance instead of a life of destitution, mental anguish, or suicide. I am humbled and honored my personal story of prolonged PTSD, from the Vietnam War, has been recognized and deployed by many peer-Veteran groups, medical professionals, Vets and their families. However, thanks must be given to the countless individuals and support groups that helped to get this message out via hundreds of thousands of reweets, tweets, emails and blog postings.

"The Demons of War are Persistent” has been published in the recent “Journal of Military Experience II" [July 2012 – all net sales proceeds goes to helping Veterans.] Also, it has been included in a brand-new college textbook titled “First-Person Accounts of Mental illness and Recovery” [August 2012]. This publication will be studied by new social workers, psychologists, etc., students to embrace the viewpoint of the individual. In addition, the posting of my story by Nobel Prize-winning Journalist and Author Eric Newhouse on, Veterans Day 2011, demonstrates the focus and support America has all Veterans. Most importantly, my thanks to America, and the unheralded volunteers who continue to donate their personal time to help so many others. My Sincere thanks! Art Schade

[As an aside; my book “Looking for God within the Kingdom of Religious Confusion,” also on my site, weaves fiction with reality as the character searches for the truth about God, Religion and Secularism]