Loss De Plott & The Colour Red: 1 (The Book Of Dreams)

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stephan myers
It seems I am permanently glued to a rather dIlapidated chair with a much pandered pooch at my feet; though I would not have it any other way. Born in England,  Loss De Plott & The Golden Scroll was my first in novel for grownups featuring the beguiling Loss De Plott.

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The colour of magic is brought to life for children everywhere in The Colour Red. Not at all like the colour purple or even blue but a colour which brings dreams to life. All within a book of dreams given to Loss by a man in a very strange hat!

“Now promise me Loss,” her grandmother said, “you will never draw anything in the colour red. And whatever you draw must come from your dreams, where the things that you see are not what they seem!”

And so begins a wondrous winter’s tale. Weaving rhyme and timeless illustrations into a beloved bedtime story for children featuring Loss De Plott, The Colour Red forever captures the magic of childhood dreams in a book you will want to read over and over again.


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