You Can Count On Gracie

Children's Books, Arts, Photography & Design

By Joan Harrison

Publisher : Little Minute Publishing

ABOUT Joan Harrison

Joan Harrison
I graduated from Penn State University with a fine arts degree in printmaking. I am currently a freelance photographer in the New York/Connecticut area and I am promoting my new children's book, "You Can Count On Gracie". As the lead singer and banjo player for the band "Too More...


A bright, bold  and beautiful photographic journey through the land of one through ten with golden retriever Gracie as your tour guide. Fabulous fun for kids and adults- silly, sophisticated photos that will tickle and teach! Hardcover bound, 28 pages. Ages 3-5.

My golden muse Gracie has been my favorite model for years and I have often been prompted to "do something with my photos". What began as a vehicle for our work together became a wonderful adventure and a collection of elegant silliness that I will treasure forever. The child-dog connection is a strong one through which we hope to educate and entertain. What could be better than learning and laughing with your best friend?