Our Millie Leaves Home and Other Stories

Our Millie Leaves Home and Other Stories

ABOUT Judith Allen

Judith Allen
I am the author of "Our Millie" books and other random musings. I live in Central Ohio with my somewhat retired husband, deaf Dalmatian and one-eyed cat. My family includes two lovely grown daughters, a very thoughtful son-in-law and a fantastic grand-daughter. I grew up on a fa More...



Our Millie used to say that she lived in the hairy armpit of life, but I didn't know what she meant until I met her Ma,  Big Mil.  Big Mil stood almost six feet tall with muscles built from hard work and harder play.  She could scare the bull out of the pit bull, the rattle off the snake and make any skin-head want to grow hair and go to church.

So begins the story of Our Millie, her friends, Idy Clare and Pearlie Gates, her Ma and Pa and brother Billy Bug and various other characters who populate the  series of vignettes which make up this book about life with an Appalchian girl growing up in a more simple time and place.

You never know what will happen next so please come into Our Millie's world and prepare to be entertained and, perhaps, enlightened.