AN IMPERFECT LIFE (complete book)

AN IMPERFECT LIFE (complete book)

ABOUT Dyanne Davis

Dyanne Davis



Dominic Santiago has the world at the tips of his fingers. Known as the handsome, macho, Latino lawyer who never loses, he revels in his success. He's in love with Sadie Hawkins and their future is all planned out: just as soon as the junior partnership at the law firm is given out; he will propose to her.

Dominic's plans were swept away by the catastrophic winds of change. As one secret after the other is revealed, his life unravels and has him questioning his love for Sadie, his career and his ethnicity. Now Dominic must deal with the insecurities that he's kept buried for three decades.

Life is hard when you don't know who you are. Dominic must fall as low as a man can fall in order to be able to rise again and rebuild his life.

But...time is running out for Dominic. He must find himself before he loses everything. Will the people he's pushed away stand by him? Only time will tell. Only Dominic can reconstruct his life.


An Imperfect Life is Women's Fiction. It's not a romance though there is of course a romance. The story is about Dominic and his journey.

Dominic's life becomes filled with drama and very messy.Considering that life's problems get very messy. But of course real life works that way. I have to tell you I did attempt to tell him things that would simplify his life and would have made the book considerably shorter, he refused to listen to me.

By the way if you want to try the first four chapters It's available on Amazon for .99. Remember it has a different cover.

Thanks for your continued support. I hope you enjoy Dominic's journey.