The Faith Principle: Remove Your Mountains and Live Life Through Faith

ABOUT Shon Wilson

Shon Wilson
The author, Shon Wilson, is a mother of two who resides in Memphis, TN. After numerous attempts at writing books, this is her first published work. Although her primary career is real estate, she also enjoys speaking on positive thinking, motivating others and marketing. More importantly,  More...



The hardest thing for people to realize is that your life is a direct correlation to what you have believed. Either you had faith in giving because you will always have more than enough, or you had faith in receiving because there is not enough available. This is the greatest distance between the wealthy or extremely happy people that you see day to day and the hurting, unhappy person that you may know personally. It’s their faith. Life is a compilation of exactly what you believe. It always has been and it always will be. “The Faith Principle” does not volunteer the assumption that the best of life is yet to come. Instead, this book was written as a love letter from me to you to let you know that the best that life has to offer you is there now. Faith has guided you through many trials and tribulations, but its power has been ignored. Its fingerprints are all around the many miracles of your life, but as you stand where you are, you have forgotten to use what has already been planted inside of you. In what area is your life lacking? What goals do you still have that are unaccomplished? Is your life going in the direction that is pleasing to you? Over the duration of this reading you will quickly and easily recognize that you have received everything you have expected. Regardless of whether you have had faith in something happening or in a certain area’s lack, over time you will always prove yourself right. On the other hand, you have created many mountains that have blocked you from getting what you desired. It will take work in removing those for you to see the fullness of who you are. However, your life may be at this moment and wherever you may find yourself at this reading, this is the perfect time for you to release faith to give you the overflow of abundance. This process is just like walking into a new home for the first time, you may do in it as you desire, you may do with it as you desire. Your life, your goals and your desires are all available for you to achieve. Some may wonder about the “work.” There is always plenty of it, and there is always a short amount of time to get it done, but the work is the easy part if you simply believe the thing you are doing the work for is yours. There are many of you who have wanted certain things, but have failed to see the manifestation. You have worked hard but seen little results. In doubting yourself and not utilizing the faith principle, your dreams now sit in a position of rest. You have created a mountain for yourself. There are probably many mountains out there now that will slow down the process of faith giving you what you ask for.