Terezin Twilight

Romance, General Fiction

By Lynn Murphy

Publisher : CreateSpace

ABOUT Lynn Murphy

Lynn Murphy
I am married and have two teenage sons. I have a degree in Journalism and Art from Mercer University and am a certified teacher with endorsements in English and Art. I have authored nine books and am considered to be somehing of an expert on the Holocaust, having twice been awarded the Mar More...



Max and Ava were planning their life together when Hitler came to power. As Max is caught up in the Nazi fury, he is forced to end his relationship with Ava, who is Jewish. They are both sent to Terezin concentration camp, Max as a Nazi officer and Ava as a prisoner. As more and more prisoners inside Terezin are being sent to Auschwitz, Max tries to find a way to save Ava from certain death. The choices he makes will put his own life as risk as well. Will he be able to find a way to save them both-or at least Ava- before it is too late? Terezin Twilight is a love story set against the backdrop of one of the darkest times in history.

A Nazi officer discovers his fiance is Jewish and is forced to end the relationship. They are reunited in Terezin Concentration Camp after he has become disillusioned with the Nazi party. At great risk to both of them, they rekindle their relationship as Max tries to find a way to save them both from the horrors of The Holocaust.

5 Star Review

Those who share the intriguing yet painful attraction to reading about this horrific era will not be disappointed in this new novel by Lynn Murphy. There are many romance novels that can be read, yet this is one that comes in an unexpected time and place. It is heartbreaking, and truly a story that could have indeed been someone's memoir, and that is what makes it that much more real and sad. It is a fast-read, and one that should be included in your historical library.
5 Star review 
A book that holds interest page after page. Anyone that has any interest in this era needs to read this book as it tells of the pain of two people whose lives were taken in different ways.