ABOUT Anfal Khaliq

anfal khaliq
I'm a fourteen year old writer!



Everything was going great for Rose-May. She was getting good grades, chilling with her mates, hanging out with family ... She was living life to the full, partying every night .... Until it happened. Her dad wanted to move to America with her. Forever. This was going to be a big change for her. She would be throwing away her old life and starting afresh, leaving everything in life she'd already been through, as if it never happened ... But she agreed. Big mistake. When she got there she always argued with her dad. Nothing was going well. It wasn't going to be as good as she thought it was. Under so much pressure, it wasn't long until she got involved in drugs, crime and murder, getting into gangs and letting people trample all over her life ... She even got involved in a murder where her mate Yasmine was almost killed on Valentine's Day ... Would life ever go back to the way it was?