Christmas Angels

Christmas Angels

ABOUT Dennis Smith

Dennis Smith
72-year-old author of "Christmas Angels".



Daniel Knight is born in a coal mining community in Alabama. His mother, with whom Daniel suffers a strained relationship, has a nervous condition that his grandmother calls "running fits." His adventures here with classmates and friends are recalled as well as the racism he sees. Hard times cause his father to find work in Ohio when the Korean war starts, and then the family later moves to Indiana. Daniel goes through his teenage years and has his first sexual experience.He joins the Navy when his heart is broken by a girl. During his time in the Navy, Daniel has numerous adventures in California and sees the Far East. After being in the Philippines, Daniel's ship is ordered to the South Pacific for nuclear testing. This is a harrowing experience for Daniel and his shipmates with the Cuban Missle Crisis corresponding with the tests. Daniel goes back to Indiana where things are still in turmoil.