Six From One

ABOUT Amadeus Mozart

Amadeus Mozart


The challenge:

Take one line and come up with a story. Just to make it interesting, do it in 48 hours.

The result?

6 stories from the edge of reality that take you for a day of on the job training with a very lonely school teacher, a date with a hurricane and a lesson in the value of life. Along the way you’ll meet a retiring scientist who isn’t waiting around for his gold watch and go searching for sunken treasure ships with the ultimate tour guide.

A collection of dark stories based on a single line, Six from One stands out as a unique accomplishment in the literary field both for the eerie mood it creates and for the fact that no other author has been willing to put their creativity to such a demanding test. This is the new benchmark for strange and Mozart is the story teller for a new generation of readers who need more than a bump in the night to feed their insomnia.

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