Legally Undercover

Legally Undercover

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Rachel Kall



Driven by ambition, attorney Alex Popov dreams of making partner, and she's ready to make that dream a reality. But her quest is put on hold when she's recruited to work on a top secret investigation involving arms dealers and one of her firm's largest clients, Rodrigues Capital. 

Shrewd businessman Pedro Martín is hiding something. He's in too deep with Rodrigues Capital, and he wants out. He has an exit strategy, one that involves Alex, but he can't implement it just yet. His family is relying on him and lives are at stake. 

Alex is drawn to the mysterious and magnetic Pedro even though she knows he's hiding something. As their worlds intersect amidst a web of lies, Alex and Pedro are on a collision course with the FBI. But will they discover that is love possible with so much on the line?