Reeling Through Hollywood

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By Dan Bessie

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ABOUT Dan Bessie

Dan Bessie
Author, book editor and illustrator, screenplay coach, cartoonist, film director, sometime publisher. Since 06 my wife Jeanne and I (she's also a writer), have been living in rural France. 


Subtitled, "How I Spent 40 FABULOUS Years in Film and Never Made a Nickel," this humorously provocative and cautionary memoir, praised by screenwriter Tom Rickman, actor Peter Coyote and editor Robert Dalva, guides aspiring filmmakers (and anyone in the arts), through the process of discovering just what it is that makes for a productive, satisfying and ultimately successful creative life. 

"Dan Bessie's book should be obligatory for anyone considering a creative life. The story is rich in detail, funny, and honest. Bessie has compromised no more than he had to, and reviews a rich and sometimes desperate life as a creative erson who sustained himself by wit and wile. I hope that I'll be able to say as much about my own. / from the forward by PETER COYOTE, Emmy-winning actor / ET, Erin Brocovich, etc.

"Reeling Through Hollywood' is a storyteller's story. It was hard to put down. Reading it was like looking under the curtain and seeing the inside of the movie business. Dan Bessie has written a true description of a life in film. And it is a page-turner." / Robert Dalva, director and Oscar nominated film editor (The Black Stallion, October Sky, etc)

"If you've ever wondered what Jane Fonda, Spiderman, Clint Eastwood, Bertholt Brecht, Tom and Jerry and Ken and Barbie and Roy and Dale plus others including the Culligan Man and the House UnAmerican Activities Committee have in common, the answer is Dan Bessie. He encounters them all in his lively account of his struggles to make films his way. 'Reeling Through Hollywood' is both a delight and a powerful tutorial in independent filmmaking." / Tom Rickman, Oscar & Emmy- nominated screenwriter (Coal Miner's Daughter, Truman)