NUKES: Julie Eco Cop Series Episode 1

Romance, Mystery & Thrillers

By Lidia LoPinto

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ABOUT Lidia LoPinto

Lidia LoPinto
Lidia LoPinto lives in Long Island and has been writing professionally since 1980. She holds advanced degrees in chemical engineering and computer science. She consults for major companies as a business analyst and writes about the environment. In 2000 she teamed up with her husband Charl More...



Are You Ready For a SUPER SEXY and FAST-PACED Environmental Crime Thriller? 

Introducing NUKES, the first e-book in the heart-pumping Target  Series!

Meet Juliana Del Rio... 

During her day job at the EPA, she's just a regular bureaucrat "lab rat" that craves real adventure and excitement in her life. Her real burning passion has always been to get into law enforcement. Luckily Juliana gets her break by working with the FBI as a consultant helping them identify and solve crimes.

In New York City, Juliana teams up with Sean Ryan, a stubborn, over-the-hill chauvinistic ex-nark who drinks on the job and could care less about environmental crimes like ocean dumping. Right off the bat, Sean doesn't think highly of Juliana as an agent or "woman cop", yet they end up being teamed to pose as a husband and wife on a cruise to Alaska to catch a crooked boat captain from ocean dumping.

But Things Are About to Get a LOT More Serious... 
Besides the friction between Juliana and Sean, things become a lot more serious when they discover there's a lot more going on than dumping dry cleaning fluid into the ocean. What they stumble upon is a terrorist group trafficking powerful and extremely dangerous nuclear materials.
With time ticking down and Washington not sending help soon enough, Juliana decides to pursue them on her own, disobeying direct orders and ends up putting both her and Sean's lives at stake. 
Juliana's Wishes of an Adventurous Life Just Became Real... 
Faced with a ticking nuclear bomb, Juliana finds herself in an extremely tricky and dangerous situation. 
How will she handle the eminent danger? 
  • What will happen with her and Sean? Will romance ensue?
  • And finally, how can she juggle it all without risking their lives and national security
In this suspenseful, and even romantic thriller, join Juliana and see what happens and be taken along for an exciting, page-turning ride you won't want to miss!

We had these novels inside both of us. As engineers working on environmental projects early in our careers, we wanted to kick some butt, and we always were in awe of the men and women who fight to preserve the environment. We also wanted to write a classic romance, eco thriller, and action film/novel in one package. Writing together brought us together and we enjoyed the process.

The book has undergone several title changes and repackaging.  We realized that people were buying the books because of the main character, Juliana, so we recently changed the names to fit the new markets. All of these reviews are for the NUKES book, which underwent several changes in cover, and media.

I enjoyed both of your books and think that you two have created what could be a marvelous franchise for a film and television property. Sean and Julie are strong characters. With Sean, you have an archetype that fits nicely into the hero’s journey. He’s a reluctant hero and Julie’s younger character, a feisty Latina, spurs him into action. There’s nice chemistry between these characters... they would be two meaty film roles.”


--Scott Petri (2003) Screen Sriter who worked for Disney.
(Currently High School principal in Los Angeles)
(It was a privilege to receive such a great review from Mr. Petri.)
“Thank you for for your book " "… reminds us that safeguarding our nation's nuclear facilities from terrorist attacks is a key component of our homeland security” 


--Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, NY (2003)
"All the good stuff is here for a thrilling read. Frighteningly current and pertinent."


--Book Reader, CA


"I truly enjoyed the fast pace of this exciting story! The LoPintos drew on their combined experience as chemical engineers, knowing the weaknesses of petrochemical processing and transportation of chemicals. They studied at least six incidents, all believed to be “accidents” but no one knows how they happened...” (more...)
--Ann Thomson, Rocky Ford Daily Gazette, CO
Ann recently passed away... here is the link. A loss to us all!
We were privileged to receive her kind words
"Authors Charles & Lidia LoPinto tell an exciting story that weaves together the worlds of environmental destruction, blackmail, and politics. " 
--Thomas Biblewski, Baker Street Dispatch.
Find Thomas and Wife holding up the newsletter in this photo! 
"Poised to be the E-Files of the Environment, within the first few paragraphs the reader is caught up in the story’s plot." 
--Mason Canyon, Chatooga Press.
"I wondered if this novel could possibly live up to being WORTH the asking price. I'm happy to report that if environmental stories are what you like, this new series is for you: if you are as new to them as I, let these authors make you a fan! A well written 'Cozy' with thought provoking information..."
--Reviewed by Ottilee Bastgen of Concord, CA for the January issue 
"Worst Case Scenario: Bhopal In The South [currently Target: USA] is a riveting and recommended mystery novel. When a train of toxic chemicals is derailed near an area populated mostly by African-Americans, causing a poisonous explosion that kills hundreds of residents, Juliana Del Rio of the EPA and Sean Ryan of the FBI must team up to unearth the culprits. Infiltrating hate groups and an environmental conference in Argentina, they seek to discover who is causing suspicious chemical accidents worldwide before the death toll mounts further. Worst Case Scenario is a gripping, shocking, and exciting novel that keeps the reader relentlessly turning pages until the end"
-- James Cox, The Midwest Book Review
This review was given in 2004 by the Midwest review
and posted to our earlier edition "Wosrt Case Scenario, Bohpal In The South" here.
That version is no longer in print.

Countdown in Alaska by Anne Thomson  

(Year 2000) The action is fast and exciting although each agent disobeys origin orders. Thus, despite success in their efforts, they return to Washington D.C., uncertain if each still has a job.

The answers to the two questions at the beginning of this column and in Countdown in Alaska: The Case of The Toxic Cruiseline (Current title is Target Alaska) are "Yes." Indications that accompany information about the book suggest that this the first of a series of "Enviro-Crimes.”
I hope there will be more, cause I truly enjoyed the fast pace of this exciting story, which the authors say is in the realm of possibility and catastrophe.  (More...)

Review of The Case of the Toxic Cruiseline Manson Canyon for Chattooga Press

(Year 2001) "Poised to be the E-Files of the Environment, within the first few paragraphs the reader is caught up in the story’s plot." --Mason Canyon, Chatooga Press. (More)