28 Days to Breaking the Cycle: Learning How To Dream Again

ABOUT Alma Wright

Alma Wright



“I am beautiful and my life is filled with possibilities!” From tragedy to triumph, Miss Alma takes you on her journey of disappoint, abandonment, and renewal. Having survived being raped by her father, heartbroken by her first love, drug abuse, and serving time in federal prison, Miss Alma proves that her spirit is unbreakable and how the power of Love can conquer anything! “28 Days to Breaking the Cycle” will show you how to break the cycles operating in your life, so that you can learn how to DREAM again! Miss Alma is a motivational speaker, Activist, Philanthropist and Founder of W.E.L.L.S Foundation Inc., a nonprofit organization designed to transform, empower, and equip young girls and women with the life skills and the tools needed to live a fulfilling life.