Forever Different: A Memoir of One Woman's Journey Living with Bipolar Disorder

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By Christine Anderson

Publisher : CreateSpace

ABOUT Christine Anderson

Christine Anderson
Christine F. Anderson was born in Brooklyn, New York. Tragically she was orphaned by her 9th birthday and was raised by her older brother. She was diagnosed with Bipolar I Disorder in 1987. Christine attended Pace University for her undergraduate studies and received her MBA in Marketing f More...



An uncut, raw and gripping story of one woman's life struggle with the extreme highs and lows of Bipolar I Disorder. The denial of her diagnosis and the eventual acceptance of her medication and disease. She takes us from her innocence as a child to her adult criminal lifestyle, which led to a subsequent 70 month federal prison sentence for Securities Fraud. A tale so unbelievable  and elements so disturbing, you would swear you were reading fiction.