The Gaurdian Bond (The Oricle's Fortellings) (Volume 1)

The Gaurdian Bond (The Oricle's Fortellings) (Volume 1)

ABOUT Jina Renee

jina renee
Wife and mother of two. Enjoys reading fantasy : Robert Jordan, Anne McKaffrey... Writing several books all encompassing the same characters, For multiple genres. From children through erotic adult fantasy.



The first in a series, this Novel is best described as an Erotic fantasy-adventure. Set in the valley of Lagosia, these intregueing charicters will draw you in with their daring adventures and erotic encounters. Rich in detail and imagination it will keep you gasping for more, and turning pages untill the end. Aylane and her new guardian must go on an adventure to save her best friend and her sister from the Lady Jahar. Along the way erotic encounters and romance abound. Will they all live happily ever after? Only the Oricle knows.

A young heiress and her new guardian must save their valley from the Lady Jahar and her dragons.

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