Nowhere City Irregulars

Nowhere City Irregulars

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Kev Page
I'm a writer of stuff, builder of things and maker of noise from near Bristol UK. Raising a baby the old-fashioned way; in a field. If you buy my books I love you.



Nowhere City Irregulars is an action-packed and witty sci-fi adventure that starts in a deep-space prison, 500 years in the future. Stranded by the outbreak of war, the Governor, staff and inmates band together, to head back to Earth through hostile space. The story is told through the viewpoints of six different characters in turn; The Governor, The Doctor, The Thief, The Reporter, The Warrior and The Sister. Inspired by the work of Harry Harrison, Douglas Adams and Joss Whedon, it is a fast-paced, accessible stand-alone romp that will keep you entertained throughout. Violence and coarse language are at a minimum for an adult novel, making Nowhere City Irregulars ideal for teens as well. The universe depicted here also features in a forthcoming trilogy called A Little World of Your Own.